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Pulp and Paper

We at Matta Clean help Pulp and Paper Mills to effectively treat Water and Wastewater.

Pulp & Paper Mills requires large quantities of water and energy to produce the Paper Products that we use in our daily lives.

Responsible Resource Management and Sustainable Operations must be implemented at processing plants to meet increasingly strict environmental regulations. Due to chemical and thermomechanical processes used in the paper making process, this wastewater often has high organic strength and may contain compounds that make it difficult to treat.

We at Matta Clean have solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the Pulp and Paper industry:

Comply with Regulatory Standards. We help various Mills to meet Effluent Discharge Regulations.
Convert wastewater into green energy. Valuable biogas can be generated and used to create green energy, lowering on-site energy consumption and costs.
Reuse of Treated water. High-quality Effluent can be reclaimed for use in mill operations.
Become an environmental steward. Go beyond basic regulations to become a proactive, environmentally-friendly pulp and paper processor.

We at Matta Clean understand that each mill is unique, depending on the type of product produced, the wastewater’s effluent characteristics, environmentally imposed regulations and subsequent treatment objectives, as well as the size and location of the mill. Our experience and diverse range of customizable technologies allow us to provide the best solutions.