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Oil and Gas

Matta Clean offers solutions for the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas industry through its tie-ups with the leading technology supplier from USA & Singapore.

In Oil & Gas industry, water is used as a medium to drill and hydraulically rupture (“frack”) the wells, refine and process oil and gas, and also generate electricity in some natural gas power plants.

Water is also naturally present in the rocks that contain oil and gas and is extracted along with the oil and gas as “produced water”, sometimes in large quantities.

The quantity and quality of water used, produced, and disposed of or re-used varies enormously depending on local geology, financial constraints, and regulations, with implications for the environmental impacts of oil and gas production.

Water treatment is vital part of the oil & gas industry that need not be overlooked for both process optimization and for maintaining the safety during operations.

Any equipment or process failures can cost Oil and Gas companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, as well as pose a safety risk to crew members and the environment.

Matta Clean offers solutions to protect the lifetime of your asset and understands the strict regulations that the industry needs to comply with their regulators.

We have solutions for Produced Water Treatment, Slop Oil Handing, Slop Oil Recovery, Recycling of Produced water for Injection again.