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Food and Beverage

Large volumes of water is used by the Food and Beverage manufacturers, both as an element in their products and for sanitation process which generates huge volume of wastewater having high concentration of organics which needs to be treated conscientiously.

Ever increasing utility costs, wastewater removal surcharges, the need for a smaller ecological footprint, as well as rising demand from consumers for products manufactured using sustainable processes, are encouraging food and beverage processors to invest in on-site wastewater treatment.

Our technologies and solutions are designed to keep Food and Beverage production work smoothly:

Complying Regulatory regulation: We help your team / station our O&M team to meet strict discharge treatment goals.
Reduce or eliminate wastewater surcharges: On-site treatment can lower (or even eliminate) surcharges associated with discharging untreated wastewater/below treatment norms to a local municipal treatment plant.
Reuse water: High-quality effluent can be reclaimed, reducing plant operating costs.
Convert wastewater into green energy: Valuable biogas can be generated from wastewater via anaerobic digestion, resulting in revenue generation from renewable energy.
Become an environmental warden: Abate your environmental / ecological footprint.

Matta Clean Technologies is a trusted partner in the food and beverage market with customized solutions to overcome the most difficult water or wastewater challenges.