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Matta Clean Technologies can address the various water and wastewater challenges of the Dairy & associated industries.

Dairy farms produce millions of tons of milk every year to nourish billions of consumers. Global demand for dairy products (milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.) has challenged processors to keep pace and, as production increases, so does the resulting wastewater.

Dairy production wastewater contains suspended solids, whey, and fat, oil, and grease (FOG) concentrations, which are difficult to treat. Pretreatment requirements have limitation what can be discharged into sewers and local waterways. Wastewater disposal costs have risen dramatically, prompting cost-conscious dairy plant managers to take action.


Matta Clean can help dairy processors solve these challenges:

Complying Regulatory regulation: We help your team by stationing our O&M team to meet strict discharge treatment goals.

Reduce or eliminate wastewater surcharges: On-site treatment can lower (or even eliminate) surcharges associated with discharging untreated wastewater / below treatment norms to a local municipal treatment plant.

Reuse water: High-quality effluent can be reclaimed, reducing plant operating costs.

Convert wastewater into green energy: Valuable biogas can be generated from wastewater via anaerobic digestion, resulting in revenue generation from renewable energy.

Become an environmental warden: Abate your environmental footprint.