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Chemical Processing

With massive quantity of water being used each day by industries.

This water is used in a number of ways in production of steam, cooling, process make-up, and product rinsing throughout chemical manufacturing facilities, as well as for utility water.

At Matta Clean we provide equipment and support for process water, utility water, and boiler feed water. We can also treat wastewaters to remove heavy metals, including selenium, mercury, arsenic, and copper. In addition, Matta Clean can provide treatment solutions to meet your desired emissions standards.

With our extensive experience in industrial water /wastewater treatment Matta Clean provides services, equipment, and spare parts to various chemical plants.

We enable your operations teams to:

  • Maintain high operative reliability and evade the cost of an impulsive shutdown.
  • Warrant regulatory compliance related with your wastewater discharge permits.
  • Ascertain ways to cut down on water consumption through augmented equipment efficiency and reuse.

With our in-house Technical experts from industry and our tie-up with advanced technologies suppliers we assure to provide the most suitable & reliable long term solutions for all your Water & Wastewater needs.